Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara tamu dan resepsionis

Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara tamu dan resepsionis mencakup tentang: 

1. Membuka percakapan dan memperkenalkam diri.

2. Menanyakan kabar dan beramah tamah dengan pengunjung

4. Menanyakan keperluan pengunjung

5. Memberikan instruksi yang dibutuhkan

6. Mengatur jadwal reservasi untuk bertemu

7. Menanggapi keperluan pelanggan serta mencarikan solusi.

Some dialogues between guest and secretary consist of Introduction, small talk, asking about the purpose, make a reservation, complain and giving solution

Guest : Good morning.

Receptionist : Good morning. Welcome, I am  Laura as a receptionist here..  Have a seat please.. 

Guest : Thank you Mrs. Laura. I am Barra from marketing department. 

Receptionist : You're welcome Barra. How can I assist you today?

Guest : I'd like to make an appointment with Mr. Hans.

Receptionist: Oh, Of course, I can help you with that. 

Wait for a moment. Mr. Hans is not in the office right now. When would you like to schedule the meeting for? 

Guest : Thank you. I know that Mr. Hans is really busy. I will meet him on Wednesday at 03.00 pm.

Receptionist : Let me check Mr. Hans schedule.  How about next Thursday at 2.15 PM?

Guest : Okay. But last time, I had to wait for quite a while before my appointment started.

Receptionist : Oh. Please arrive a few minutes early, and we'll do our best to ensure a smooth visit. Can I have your name and the purpose of the meeting, please?

Guest : Certainly. My name is Barra and I'd like to discuss the upcoming project budget with him.

Receptionist : Great, Mr. Barra for discussing the project budget. I'll go ahead and reserve that slot for you. Anything else I should note?

Guest : No, that should be all.

Receptionist : I will make sure to pass that along. If there are any changes or if he has any questions, I'll contact you.

Customer: Thank you, that would be appreciated. 

Receptionist : Can i get you something to drink? Coffee, tea, or water perhaps?

Guest : Thank you. A cup of coffee would be great. 

Receptionist : Sure, Mr. Barra.  one coffee coming up! . Here you go, Barra. Enjoy!

So, how's your day been so far?

Guest : It's been good, Laura. thanks for asking. How about yours?

Receptionist : Not too busy, which is nice for a change. 

Guest : Thank you, Barra. I appreciate your hospitality. 

Receptionist : You're very welcome. Enjoy your meeting later. and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions later.

Guest: I will, thanks again,  Have a great day!

Receptionist: You too.

Demikian contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris antara tamu dan resepsionis. Semoga bermanfaat.. 

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